New and Improved Design
New ergonomic designs to give your Tailbone support they need.
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Seat Cushion For Back Pain (MV-103) - MODVEL

Seat Cushion For Back Pain (MV-103)

Maintain a Perfect Posture Whether you work in an office, spend lots of hours in front of a computer screen, drive for miles on a daily basis, or have a...

MODVEL Gel Enhanced Seat Cushion | Memory Foam Pillow for Office Chair | Back Pain Relief & Posture Corrector

The MODVEL Gel Enhanced Seat Cushion combines the benefits of high-density memory foam and gel-enhanced technology to provide exceptional comfort and support. The contoured design of this office chair cushion...
Neck Support Pillow (MV-133) - MODVEL

Neck Support Pillow (MV-133)

Modvel Neck Support Pillow: for Airpalne and Car Trips, Comfortable and Soft, Compact and Easy to Carry Forget about trying to get comfortable on the plane and waking up with...
Vegan Leather Seat Cushion (MV-106) - MODVEL

Vegan Leather Seat Cushion (MV-106)

Do You Have A Sedentary Lifestyle? Have You Had Enough With Back, Coccyx And Tailbone Pain? This Amazing Seat Cushion Will Help You Rest Comfortably And Maintain A Correct Body...