When are knee sleeves beneficial?

When are knee sleeves beneficial?

Players in contact sports put on knee sleeves for many reasons. The first, to be honest, is as a precautionary measure. Dealing with a bad knee isn’t child’s play. It’s best avoided altogether. Again, proper form is paramount when exercising. Maintaining the right posture is way easier with a knee sleeve building on proprioception.

Third, torn ACL injuries are avoidable. Isn’t it classic wisdom that we don’t see joint problems developing until it’s too late? Technically, knee sleeves aren’t braces. Thayer used by casual athletes and hobbyist exercisers. By compressing the knee joint, sleeves support the entire knee structure while complementing the tendons and ligaments.

Are knee sleeves used to prevent injuries or are they used to alleviate knee pain? They actually do both. These groups of people will find great value in knee sleeves. 
  1. Basketball players

Slum dunks are enviable: Especially when you defy gravity for seconds, with toes, feet off the ground. But, how much force do you come down with? According to this fancy math, Michael Jordan used to put at least 1000 Newtons of Force on his knees with each dunk. Imagine. What kind of pressure would this force exert on the knee in the long run? Is it really a surprise that knee injuries alone make up 14.7% of all injuries in basketball? When making fast movements, knees take a beating. When we land, they absorb all the shock.



They have to cope up with the frequent direction changes we make. Modvel knee sleeves are made of neoprene, a stretch fabric that fit’s snuggly without putting too much compression on the knee. Perhaps the secret to sneaky 2-foot dunk lies in proper form. Knee sleeves are designed to be worn in the court only. When you’re wearing them, they help the brain in proprioception where it knows how the knee is positioned before you make the leap


  1. Arthritis patients

How does it feel going up the stairs with a creaky knee joint? Isn’t the cracking sound a constant reminder that they aren’t as good as they used to be. Joint pain, unsteadiness and reduced mobility, in general, may be signs of worn-out knee cartilages.


Arthritis is the swelling that occurs when the shin bine rubs against the thigh bone. In patients with mild arthritis, knee sleeves keep the joints warm while evenly distributing weight to all parts of the knee – instead of concentrating it on the worn-out area. They give peace of mind too.


  1. Running

From keeping cardiovascular ailments at bay to ensuring proper body functioning, the health benefits derived from this physical activity cannot be overlooked. Running is strenuous, and the knees really take a toll.

Running is an exhilarating sport. With the wind softly brushing against our faces, we feel invincible. Hours after cool down, and after the initial dopamine rush has worn off, knee pain kicks in. Perhaps due to fatigue, poor form or just muscle abuse.



How have knee slevees changed you? We’d enjoy reading your stories and experiences.