How long should you wear a knee sleeve?

How long should you wear a knee sleeve?

All knee sleeves are great. As long as they fit snuggly and won’t slip down as you do your daily activities, they’re “GOOD ENOUGH” to go. But, don’t your knees deserve the best? I mean, money, power, sex, worship and time are the greatest human wants. But, without health, you won’t be able to enjoy the rest. I think heath should be somewhere up there in Maslow’s hierarchy of needs. It pains me seeing that people would sacrifice their health for a few bucks. Either way, the hierarchy of needs is a subjective phenomenon and that’s a subject for another day. Today, we’ll be looking at how you should wear knee sleeves.

Can you wear knee sleeves over pants/leggings/tights?

Many athletes like squatting in compression pants. Perhaps because they show how well their quads are defined?) Either way, leggings and compression pants are one of those wears you can’t wear knee sleeves under. Knee sleeves will look cool over leggings when working out. However, you have to ensure that you pull the leggings over the foot first before sliding the sleeve over them. This way, the will be anchored on the knee and will be supporting it from mid-way the shinbone. This video (time 0.00 to 0.10) illustrates how you should put them on perfectly in under ten seconds. Plus, Modvel knee sleeves keep the knee warm when you’re working out in a cold gym now that we’re approaching winter.


Can you wear knee sleeves all day?

Sure. You can wear them all day but that will be counterproductive. Knee sleeves are meant to prevent injuries – like torn ACLs, strains and cartilage wear – but these certainly won’t occur when you’re performing “normal” routines. Knee sleeves are best worn out while you’re performing high impact exercises like playing basketball, jogging and football (and gardening if you have arthritis). This way you’re only strengthening the knee joint when it needs it needs the strength most.

can you wear knee sleeves in equipped/raw powerlifting?

Yes. In fact, this is the ideal use of the Modvel knee sleeve. They’re aren’t just allowed in raw powerlifting challenges. They’re recommended too. Like in all competitive sports, better “tools of trade” often results in better results. In raw powerlifting competitions, the only approved equipment are

  • Lifting belts
  • Knee sleeves
  • Wrist wraps
  • Dusting chalk
  • Singlets

The USPA rule book says this about knee sleeves

Knee Sleeves up to 30cm length/7mm thick Titan Neoprene Yellow Jacket (without CrissCross Seam) are approved for all divisions.” Modvel knee sleeves are certainly not in the list of prohibited items



can you wear knee sleeves to bed?

Short answer: It depends. If you’re recovering from knee surgery, then a knee sleeve (or brace) will ensure that the joint stays in position overnight. If you suffer from chronic knee pain, you may fund relief by putting on a knee sleeve overnight. But, if you’re looking to wear a knee sleeve to prevent future injuries, then wearing one to sleep wold certainly be an overkill: Like bringing a gun to a sword fight.


When do you like to wear knee sleeves?