Our Story

Welcome to MODVEL.
MODVEL was created to help you get through your day and your busy lifestyle with reduced pain and discomfort. Designed in collaboration with expert orthopedics and fitness instructors, all our products were designed with the sole purpose of helping people return to their normal life, free of distractions caused by pain, swelling, irritations or chronic injuries.

Experiencing lower back, shoulder, knee or cervical pain or stiffness does not mean you have to live with pain for your entire life. There are ways that you can manage, lessen or even eliminate the symptoms as
long as you are willing to make a few adjustments during while you are sitting, sleeping and driving.

MODVEL is here to facilitate those adjustments by providing you with orthopedic products that have been proven to work and have helped innumerable people. From pregnancy sleeping pillows and orthopedic
office chair cushions to knee braces and car seat cushions, you will find everything you need to start correcting your posture, re-aligning your spine and take the first steps to a healthier, pain-free life.

Designed with premium quality, breathable and wear-resistant materials, are orthopaedic products are ideal for prolonged use by athletes, runners, weightlifters or simply average people who suffer from arthritis or other joint and muscle issues.

Browse through our site and feel free to pick up what you need. We can guarantee that you will feel healthier, stronger and more energized than ever before!