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Deluxe Shiatsu Pillow (MV-134)
Deluxe Shiatsu Pillow (MV-134)
Deluxe Shiatsu Pillow (MV-134)
Deluxe Shiatsu Pillow (MV-134)
Deluxe Shiatsu Pillow (MV-134)
Deluxe Shiatsu Pillow (MV-134)
Deluxe Shiatsu Pillow (MV-134)
  • SKU: MV-134

Deluxe Shiatsu Pillow (MV-134)


Enjoy A Luxurious, Pain-Alleviating Shiatsu Massage At The Comfort Of Your Home, Thanks To This Fantastic Massage Cushion Brought To You By [BRAND NAME]!

Does your work require you to sit or stand for numerous hours a day?

Do you feel your muscles sore and tense, your neck and back aching, and your feet tired and hurting?

Would you opt for a premium quality, effective, and easy-to-use massaging device that will relieve the tension and pain, and help you relax and enjoy the rest of your day?

If so, then you are in great luck, because we have just the thing your body needs!

Discover The Deluxe Shiatsu Pillow Massager With Heating Feature That You Will Love!

Would you like to get a nice, relaxing massage anytime you want without having to get an appointment or spend tenths of bucks at your local spa salon? Then this device is perfect for you!

It offers an advanced, deep kneading massage that stimulates your muscles, relieves tension and soreness and greatly improves blood circulation; ideal for flight attendants, salespeople, office employees – anyone who has to stand or sit for continuous hours!

Additionally, it features an extra, strong, long strap so that you can adjust it even around high chairs, and a back clipper for extra steadiness and comfort!

Last, but not least, it is super lightweight and compact, which allows you to take it with you anywhere!

Four Clearly Shaped Buttons For Effortless Use!

  • On/Off: Simply turn your massager on and off!
  • Rotation: Alternate the rotation direction as often as you wish!
  • Heat: You can enjoy a simple massage or a powerful heated one!
  • Speed: Pick your preferred speed!
  • What’s There To Think About?

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    Color: Orange, Green.
    • Small: 12.9" – 16.1”
    • Medium: 16.1” – 18.1”
    • Large: 18.1” – 20.4”
    • X-Large: 20.4" - 22.8"


    If you're between sizes, choose the lower size for extra compression and upper size for reduced compres


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