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Lower Back Cushion (MV-101)
Lower Back Cushion (MV-101)
Lower Back Cushion (MV-101)
Lower Back Cushion (MV-101)
Lower Back Cushion (MV-101)
Lower Back Cushion (MV-101)
Lower Back Cushion (MV-101)
  • SKU: MV-101

Lower Back Cushion (MV-101)

  • Vendor: Modvel
  • Barcode: 638455931930

Modvel’s Back Cushion Is Here To Save The Day!

Do you spend many hours sitting on a chair because of your job? Do you suffer from back pain or tightness? Does your tailbone make sitting harder?
The Back Cushion is here to give support to your lower back, to relieve you from your back pain and surgery recovery. Your posture will become better and your back pain will go away.
That’s why you should get our Lower Back Cushion!

The Softest Lower Back Cushion For Your Waist!
Your back is already in pain so you don’t settle with a regular pillow.
Our specially designed pillow made with memory foam, the Back Cushion is energy absorbing and it will feel so soft on your lower back.
However, it is not too soft! The Foam Cushion is firm enough to support your back and to keep the shape of your spine. Its design is smart and orthopedic.

back cushion

Carry It Around Wherever You Go!
The lightweight foam of the Back Cushion weighs a little over a pound making it effortless to carry with you wherever you go.
The straps can also be used to wrap around the back of your chair to the height that is comfortable for your back

A Soft Cushion With A Soft Cover!
The Lower Back Cushion has the softest cover, made of Velboa and Mesh. It is breathable and it won’t irritate your skin or make you sweaty.
The cover is also removable and washable. Put it in the washing machine without fear! The fabric will come out as soft as ever!
So even if you get the Back Cushion dirty by putting it on the floor, you can still wash it as needed.

Ditch The Pain! Add The Lower Back Cushion To Your Cart NOW!


back cushion

Color: Orange, Green
Size: 20, 24
Material: 100% Polyester


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